Special spray for oysters

Special spray for oysters

  • Development

    This Orléans Muscadet grape variety vinegar is produced using the traditional Orléans method, which is the meeting between French terroir, air and time. We added to our recipe some fresh shallots from Brittany.

  • Know-how

    The unique process of the traditional Orléans method :

    The transformation of the wine into vinegar is made by a natural surface fermentation, with neither brewing nor addition of ferments. The wine, sheltered from light, in "vaisseaux" which are 240 liters oak barrels, will slowly turn into vinegar at a constant 30°c temperature.

  • Origin

    To produce a good vinegar, we need a good wine. So our winemakers are part of the French vineyards. Most of them are from the Loire Valley for the white wines and from Bordeaux for the red ones.

    We have selected this Muscadet grape variety from the Loire Valley in order to highlight the richness of our terroir.

    A good vinegar is the encounter between our know-how and our French terroirs.

  • Taste

    The freshness of the Muscadet grape variety mixed with the fresh shallots of Brittay create a subtle balance which enhance the iodine taste of the oysters.

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