Traditional Orléans mustard

Traditional Orléans mustard

  • Development

    The quality and the personality of the mustard of Orléans are based on : a recipe, a local know-how and the selection of top grade ingredients. The mustard seeds which are ground with a millestone in order to preserve all the aroma of the seed, the sea salt from Guérande and the Orléans vinegar produced using the traditional Orléans method in barrels.

  • Know-how

    In 1580, the King of France gave the letters patent to the Masters vinaigrier and moutardier which recognize the specific know-how of these artisans.
    The Master vinaigrier settles with subtility the meeting between the French terroir, the air, the temperature and time.
    The mustard seeds mixed with the sea salt from Guérande and the Orléans vinegar are ground using a millestone so which is what gives the typical creaminess of the Orléans mustard.

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