Capers from Pantelleria with Orléans traditional vinegar

Capers from Pantelleria with Orléans traditional vinegar

  • Know-how

    The traditional vinegars are produced using the Orléans traditional method.
    The Master vinaigrier use wonderfully the encounter between our French terroir, the air, the temperature and time.
    Concerning our capers from Pantelleria with the traditional Orléans vinegar, it is a real partnership between two know-how : the one of the Master vinaigrier and the one of the farmer.

  • Origin

    To produce a good vinegar, we need a good wine. So our winemakers are part exclusively of the French vineyards. For our recipes, we give priority to the origin of the products, our daily work is linked with beautiful encounters between our profession and our terroir. That is why we have developed with our local farmers a new food industry sector dedicated to the French gherkins of the Loire Valley.

    We have mixed with love of good food and sincerity, our traditional vinegar and the capers from Sicile, more precisely from the Pantelleria island which is the historical site of the farming of the capers.

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